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How to win Women Heart

You've met this fantastic girl and now you want to make her yours. Just how do you go about catching her interest and winning her heart? First bear in mind that you cannot force some one to love you. But you can increase your chances of winning her heart.

What do women go for in the first place?

  • Looks
    You don't have to be a fashion slave or even spend a lot of money to be current, but you do need to care about your appearance. I find that most men do okay with their business attire, but totally fall down with their casual wardrobe. Just because a pair of jeans will last 20 years doesn't mean you should be wearing them that long!
  • Intelligence and Personality
    Just be yourself. Don't try imitating anyone. Develop your own style. Get a life. Live a bit. Then you'll be better able to hold a decent conversation with her. Read, travel, see what is going around you. Mix around. Develop your personality.
    Above all, show more interest in her than you do in yourself. Listen to her. Be there for her when she needs a listening ear. Don't interrupt with a quick fix solution, but listen and be sensitive to her needs. She might just want to talk it out.
    Heard of girls talking that guys are so insensitive and such. Be that sensitive guy to her. But don't expect her to be your therapist. Be her therapist instead.
  • Sense of Humor
    Over and over again women say one of the biggest things that attract them to a man is a great sense of humor. You don't have to do a stand up routine to catch her attention, or even be great a telling jokes, but if you're able to see the irony in a silly situation, and especially if you're able to laugh at yourself and those times when NOTHING goes right (no matter how well you planned or good your intentions were), then you'll make a great impression.
  • Similar interest
    Do things together ,try new things together !
  • Soulmate
    Be her soulmate but don't become her best friend before the relationship gets romantic!
    This is very tough for many guys. The only way they know how to get close to a woman is as a friend, but this is a really bad trap to fall into with a woman you're interested in romantically. You can be friendly, you can do small thoughtful things for her, but don't become her buddy and hang out with her frequently unless the relationship has gotten romantic.

When you are with her

  • Do not scratch yourself like a monkey. She might find that unnerving.
  • Be yourself. Don't put on any airs. Try not to go into self pity mode.
  • Talk about fun things. Tell her fun stuff you have been through. Cheer her up if she is down. Find out her interests and talk along her interests.
  • Try to have some eye contact when you talk. But don't keep staring into her eyes like you are from the loony bin.
  • Do not pressure her into sex. You might scare her off.
  • On a date, a bouquet of flowers makes a pleasant surprise.
  • Remember to call her after the date. Let her know she is not a one night stand.

Remember :Different women are attracted to different traits. The way to a woman's heart is dependant on the woman herself. Her family. Her personality. Her past experiences. No two women are the same. And then there is that mysterious thing called chemistry. Either it happens, or it doesn't.

Good luck!!

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