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Age difference

Russian Bride GuideThis is a very common question is age difference between a man and a woman good or bad and then its better to stop? Men and Women seek different goals in marital partners. Men seek youth and beauty. Women seek mature, healthy, intelligent, successful, stable men who will love and respect them, with the ability to protect and provide for the family. It is a fact of life.

In Russian culture, the women tend to have much more reasonable expectations in life and it is true that Russian women mature intellectually quicker than Russian men. At the age of about 18-22 they are ready to create a family and have children. So,they look at age difference differently . Because Russian ladies are mature beyond their years they are feel more secure and usually prefer to marry men 5-15 years older then themselves, seeking reliability, security and family stability wish they cant find with yang men. It is considered that an mature man will understand them better, will be able to appreciate his wife ,children and support her, not only financially, but morally as well.

Yes, Age does become a factor when choosing whom you will be most compatible with and spend your lifetime.However, do not let it become a barrier but on the other hand don't go for extremes , I would advise you don't go over 18 year of deferments !

If you are decide to get married to a girl wish are over 20 to 30 years younger, than you are must realizes all responsibilities and take in considerations potential problems you can experience in your future marriage ( especially if she is if she is in her early 20 ) Also don't forget she can have wrong intentions that could pushed a young woman to such decision and they could be deferent from that you think . People do fall in love, unknowingly, and even knowingly in illusion or they looking for batter possibilities ,like answer to they are today problems .. People do mistaken "Real Love" with "infatuation " or " illusions" because they simply didn't spend enough time to get know each other before they get marred and mistaken they are illusion with reality.Don't forget its takes time and effort to know a person . Try to get know what tip of expectation your partner have from your country , and make sour they are not too high . Explain her where do you live, what live stile you have , how big your city , make sure she understands that live in your country not like in TV in soup opera ...

When the excitement and romance wear off in a marriage, you need lots of other interests in common to hold you together over the long pull and life is changeable today you rich tomorrow you could be broke , today you full of energy -tomorrow you don't have you health anymore , would you stay together then some real problems happened in your life ...?
Unfortunately only time would give answer to this question, but you need to ask yourself this questions before you make such big step in your life as marriage. You need to like each other as well as love each other. And the most important respect , trust and understand each other .Gust take your time to realizes is it a Real Love, from both sides? It could be true , at the beginning she could have right intentions and honest fillings,but in relationship like that ,then your age deference way beyond 20 years apart - you have mush higher chances she may change her decision to stay in marriage The thing is that ones she easily adapts to the western style of life and she will want to go to discos, parties, night clubs, etc. Will you to be able to go out with her as much as she wants and she needs for her age? But -Once she started to go out on her own - divorce is round the corner.

Of course, there are unions in which a husband can be 20-30 years older than his wife, but these is usually an exception than the rule. But women mush likely was over 30 years old then they get marred .

If you are in your late 50's or 60's you batter not expect to find a 20 year old single girl.Why you want to set yourself up for future problems and heartbreak .Many wonderful attractive ladies in their late 30's or 40's will eagerly get acquainted with you.. And you will not have any problems with attracting their attention.

If your aim is a life-time commitment, be sure to take age issues into consideration.

Just remember, please, that a reasonable age difference is 5-15 years, maybe 18 years and don't let your self be fooled by false illusions.

If you are in an age difference relationship, or considering entering into one, and you have more the 10 years deference answering the following questions to yourself and ask your girlfriend ,it can help both of you gain a new perspective on the issue and help to get the final decision.The more honest you are with yourself now, the higher your chance of success in this relationship

  • What experience have you had to age difference relationships?
  • What experience has your partner, or potential partner, had to age difference relationships?
  • How do you feel this will hinder or help your relationship?
  • What are your family's, closest friends viewpoints on age difference relationships?
  • What about your partner's?
  • >How do you feel their reaction will affect your relationship?
  • Are you overly concerned about how your partner feels about your looks?
  • Do you worry that because of the age difference factor your partner will desire someone else?
  • How many things in common do you have, really? The more honest you are with yourself now, the higher your chance of success in this relationship.
  • Do you consider yourself as having high or low self-esteem?
  • Do you consider your partner has having high or low self-esteem?
  • Are you, or do you feel you might be carrying the emotional weight for your partner?
  • What do you bring to the relationship? Be sure to include material and emotional things.
  • What does, or would, your partner contribute to the relationship?
  • Do you want to have children together in your marriage ?
  • If you have grown up children from previous marriage , and they are very close in age with your potential partner, how you fill about it ? how you thing they fill about it ? that You potential partner, think about this situation ?
  • If you are currently in an age difference relationship, do you feel you are trying harder to keep the relationship alive because of the age gap factor?

The bottom line No matter how you think you or your partner may handle a situation, you will always run into someone who can push your buttons. Your relationship will survive to the extent you are able to handle these situations, and remain confident in yourself and each other

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