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Why Russian women want a foreign husband

Russian Bride GuideRussian women are very different, but most of them are very romantic and affectionate. Russian women are very feminine and family-oriented. They look for long-term, serious relationship with a man and expect him to be the head of the family, a loving husband and the father of their children.They dream about a strong family and caring husband. For a Russian woman it is not good looks that count, but devotion, sincerity and mutual understanding with a man. Life in Russia is full of dramatic events and instability. It is so due to Russian economy, political situation and the colorful Russian history, that Russians are used to living in a changing, unpredictable atmosphere of instability. Inflation, not regular salary payments, unemployment, increase in regional wars, alcoholism, smoking are the sad Russian reality. A responsible lifetime partner is hard to find in modern Russian society.

It is well known that there are less men than women in Russia.

The average life expectancy of Russian male to be about 50 years, where as female life expectancy is well into the 70s. There are over 20 million more women than men living in the territory of the former Soviet Union! Plas Men die earlier, many in the prime of life, or are subject to serious illnesses. As a result, every tenth woman at the age of 30 can't find a partner for a marriage.

Due to cold weather and Russian traditions, Russian men drink vodka to "warm them up and relax." Instability leads to stress, stress needs relaxation, relaxation means drinking liquor. More drinking, more trouble. Uncontrolled drinking also brings to acts of violence.Because of it Russian men begin to drink, and it destroys climate of family and education of children.This problem exists in other countries as well, but not on such large scale. People are so accustomed to that misfortune, that if a husband doesn't drink,or drink not too mush and don`t abuse - he is considered almost an angel,and grat luck to be his wife even if his character is far from perfect.

A lot of Russian women suffer from physical and moral abuse. According to law, Russian women can get help and support from the State in cases of abuse, but, unfortunately, in real life things are much worse. Foreign men don't generally drink that much and generally are healthier and much more responsible.

The other problem is their attitude to marriage and family life, many men who exist in Russian culture often practice promiscuity, believe they should be allowed to have as many mistresses as they want. Russian men use to saying: "Don't put all your eggs in one basket", which means that a wife, a girlfriend and a lover are three different women or more. A Russian woman is more family-oriented than a Russian man. In case something goes wrong with marriage, it would be the Russian woman who would try to keep the family, rather than the man. Russian women appreciate that foreign men are family-oriented too. A foreign man can also offer more security and financial stability but the most important for Russian Women its that he is willing to do so . The other extreme: rich men, 'new Russians'. As a rule, they have very low morality here: it is seen in their way to earn money and their attitude to women. They think, it is not important to have the friendship and virtue except money. Their wives have all material comfort, but they can be perfectly single women.

Most Russian men over 30 have a very hard time adjusting to a free-trade economy and give up trying . So the are comprehend their wife like a very caring mother who should provide them with all, to feed them, to wash their clothes and to educate their child. Such men even do not try to find a job.The family, children are on the first place for Russian women. We were educated so. But the role of men changed very much. I can say, Russian men and Russian women exchanged with their roles. Russian men ceased to be independent, and they often depend on their parents and wives morally and financially.They don`t want be a support for their families and they shift all difficulties of life to women. Russian Women should combine house work, education of children and career. And Russian Women think the main thing is the family and children.

Russian Women are womanly, gentle and kind-hearted and they need the support of man and husband. That is why, Russian Women think, American men appreciate these qualities in women.

Russian women want find a foreign husband . American men's kind, respectful, sincere attitude towards Russian women, they are independent men and caring husbands which know what they want from the family. They think about tomorrow day and before starting a family they make the base for it. That is all what his future family needs.Men make the house, and the wife becomes the soul of the house: sweet, caring, reliable, loving her husband and children.A Russian woman can be very thankful, loyal, caring and devoted and makes American men very attractive in women's eyes for marriage! Russian woman is not a competitor but a pleaser!

European countries such as England, France, Germany, Italy, are very popular, because they are closer to Russia geographically. America, Canada, Australia are much farther, but they are well developed countries, and people speak English there! And the English language is the most common language taught in Russian schools. If a Russian woman speaks English, she may be willing to get better career opportunities abroad than in her native country. A Russian woman is the one who is looking for the opportunities of giving her children stable secure future.

Here are some other reasons that add in favor of international marriage. One of them is the image of wealthy life full of drama and romance, pressed on Russian women by foreign soap operas that Russian women love so much, and mass media. There are lots of foreign movies on Russian TV now. Supermen or just nice guys speak a foreign language! And love pretty ladies. There are many beautiful ladies in Russia. "This could be me, the one that he kisses!" they think. And they start dreaming…
Russian women are very romantic. Mass media tease and deprave. An example of a female Russian friend, happily married a foreign man and who moved to a mysterious, which means, attraction provoking far away country, may be a challenge! It's like in a drama movie, where the two who love each other get married and we see a happy End on the screen. In real life marriage is the Beginning with a reality show to follow, but who cares?
Some women like traveling. So, it can be interesting to go live in another country. It is easy to travel abroad, if a Russian woman can afford buying a tourist package for a week or two from a travel agency. Most foreign countries make it hard as hell for a single Russian woman to get a visa to visit Europe or America, unless they buy a package. A marriage to a foreigner leads to her change of status, which after a while makes traveling much easier.
And, Russian women are always looking for a Big True Love. Whether he came to Russia and met her, or they found each other in the Internet, or wherever, and discovered they have a lot in common, similar values and interests, a lot to talk about, a lot to share and enjoy! Then it doesn't matter, if she is a Russian woman and he is a foreign man, - they are just a woman and a man who were lucky to find each other, a perfect match!

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