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ABOUT RUSSIAN WOMEN / Russian Women & Dating Agencies

Why Russian women join dating agencies

Russian Bride Guide

When a Russian woman makes up her mind for finding a soul mate in a foreign country she is looking for bast and safest way to do so and , dating agencies can be of great help for her! Its the safest and fastest way to find the partner .The good dating agencies would try guarantee that the single men whose profiles they have are trustworthy people, not criminals or fun seeking ones or drug addicts. Good dating agencies take a serious approach to that, which is very important for their reputation and for the sake of the women who trust them, if we talk about marriage.At First and mainly, you need to stay safe on the web . Women are scared of sick and unreliable people from other countries who can win their attention and trust and betray them or even worst. A Russian woman knows, that the men who pay dating agencies in order to find a soul mate, are looking for a younger, more attractive and more appreciative lady than they are able to date locally and also that those men are serious in their intentions. The same thing can be said about Russian women, who usually do not go looking for good reliable men for long term relationship, in the street or night clubs.

Many dating agencies offer the option to find a perfect match, somebody who has similar values and interests, which saves time and brings to very good results, instead of dating some nice guys who may promise a lot and discover they are not that nice as they seemed.

Meeting people through dating agencies is becoming more and more popular nowadays. One reason is that both men and women are very busy and just don't have time to go dating. Another reason is that for some foreign men it is much easier and cheaper to find a foreign lady through a dating agency than go dating women in the local area. Also, for some people, no matter if they are men or women, it is sometimes easier to write a paragraph about themselves in a profile and later communicate, corresponding, and not in person. Many Russian women would prefer to correspond by email or postal mail with a man to get to know him better. They think it is a good idea to spend some time, getting to know the man's values, expectations, plans for the future and his attitude to their character and their children, if they have any, before meeting him in person and becoming his partner. This is very important when a Russian woman intends to go live very far from home in a foreign country. This is very serious for her. A dating agency gives men and women a really good chance to make sure they won't get disappointed later.

Though the English language is the most common foreign language taught in Russian schools, not many women can speak it fluently. Some women don't speak English at all, some can only read it and write a little. Lately, Russians have understood the advantage of knowing foreign languages, and when a Russian woman decides to meet a foreign man, she is aware of the fact, that anyway she will need to study English, which is the main international language. Dating agencies are very helpful here, because they provide professional translators' support and some of them provide English classes . Also, not many Russian women have a computer at home So, the agency maybe their only means to advertise on-line and correspond via e-mail Internet cafes are a fast growing business in Russia. That means anybody can rent a computer there and pay from 5$ to 10$ per hour on average, depending on the location of the cafe.But, most of Russian women just cannot afford it, because the average monthly salary in Russia is 70 $. Besides, many Russian women have little idea of how to get started looking for a foreign husband. They find it difficult to serf in the Internet, get registered in a singles' site, create their profile, and add photos. Some women just don't have skills to do that by themselves.

A dating agency does this work for them, and create some security

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