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Moscovskaya Oblast

Moscovskaya Oblast Moscovskaya Oblast lies over 47 thousand square kilometers and is situated in the basin of the rivers Volga, Oka, Klyazma, Moskva. It is bigger than Denmark, Switzerland or Belgium.

The population of the region is about 7 million people, 5 millions of which are city dwellers. There are 74 cities in the region; population of 15 cities is more than 100 thousand inhabitants. The average density of population is 143,5 per square kilometer. At the same time 140 experts with higher education account for one thousand inhabitants.

There are more than forty scientific and research and educational institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences, a hundred agricultural and other institutes. About 20 % of all scientific organizations of Russia are situated in Moscovskaya Oblast.

Dubna, Protvino, Zhukovsky, Krasnoarmeysk, Dmitrov, Belozersk, Sergiev Posad, Chernogolovka, Khimki, Reutov, Fryazino, Kaliningrad, Pushino are in the list of the scientific and test centres of All-Russian value.

More than a half of all Russian scientific centers are in Moscovskaya Oblast. Today the region is considered an innovational centre of Russia where the full cycle from an idea to batch production is realized.

Due to the concentration of best scientific and technical specialists, advanced brains and industrious hands the region is most developed in Russia. The following industries are highly developed here: the machine-building, metal working, chemical and light industry. Many enterprises are equipped with modern import equipment. Moscovskaya Oblast produces cotton, wool, synthetic fabrics, yarn and products of it, steel, roll, sewing and washing machines, electronics, electric motors of various capacity and purpose. Half of volume of exports makes mineral fertilizers, black and nonferrous roll, cement, chemical and machine-building production.

Moscovskaya Oblast is the historical centre of economic, political and cultural life of Russia, the centre with high level of scientific potential in all fields of activity.

Moscovskaya Oblast is the region of the advanced transport infrastructure. Extension of railways is 2741 km, of motorways - 12473 km. There are 4 civil airports and aerodromes of the Russian Air Forces connected with all countries of the world.

The region is crossed by 11 main railway lines. All they are connected with the Moscow circular railway.

There are the following waterways there: the channel "Moscow - Volga", the navigable rivers Moskva and Oka. Efficiency of motor transportation is high due to three ring motorways - round Moscow and within the radius of 50 and 80 km from the capital. Perspective development of customs terminals contributes to this fact.

Moscovskaya Oblast is rich in monuments of architecture, history and culture of the All-Russian and world value. They are connected with names of many well-known Russian artists, composers, poets, writers, actors, commanders, public figures and politicians.

Being made in the region, products of glass, porcelain, faience, textiles, goods of the traditional Russian national crafts are widely known in Russia and abroad.


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